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Custom Printed T-Shirt, Print or Embroidery.

July 9, 2022 Off By Mateusz

For the summer, companies are looking for the right T-shirts for their employees,  it would seem that it is a simple task, but not necessarily.

When choosing the right products for our employees, we face the following questions:

What T-shirts to choose for your employees, 

Where to buy  print t-shirts with my logo in Ireland,

Which company to choose for, 

Whether the company logo should be embroidered with threads or should it be in the form of an print,

How long does it take, to print designee.

Which T-shirt to choose?

 It should be remembered that,  building a company and brand is a complex process and should be thought out at every step. When choosing clothes for our employees, we should be guided primarily by: quality, let’s remember that our employees feel comfortable in their clothes, it will certainly have a positive impact on the efficiency of their work.

Where to buy custom printed T-shirt?

For our brand and company to be well perceived by customers and our employees, advertising clothes should be of good quality and products should be ordered from good and proven companies that embroider the company’s logo only with good quality material.

Custom T-shirt, Print or embroidery.

We know from our experience that people do not know whether the company logo on T-shirts should be embroidered with thread, or if it is better in the form of a print. We sincerely recommend that the company logo on the shirts should be printed using the printing method due to the thin material from which the shirts are sewn. If you really want your logo on your clothes to be sewn on, we encourage you to buy polo shirts, which are perfect for your logo to be sewn on.

How long does it takes to print T-shirts.

The process from selecting the appropriate products and printing a company logo and delivering them to the customer takes about 2 weeks. Our company, Promolion, provides work wear along with their professional marking to your company logo or slogan with the best methods available on the market.

With a luxurious soft hand feel, this 100% organic cotton T is not only stylish but is also kind to the environment. Available in a range of bright and bold colours, the Cascades T looks great on its own, or is an excellent base for prints and embroidery.

Cotton soft comfort and moisture-wicking performance in one shirt! Thanks to the perfectly balanced blend of smooth cotton and durable polyester, this Gildan® DryBlend® t-shirt pampers skin as it disperses perspiration to the fabric’s surface for fast evaporation. You’ll feel drier all day, making this tee a go-to for active lifestyles and work in warm environments.

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