Method of marking promotional products.

May 1, 2022 Off By Mateusz
Promotional products have become very popular today due to their wide application in business, they can serve us as: gifts for our employees or customers, at the same time subtly build awareness of our brand on the local market and beyond. Today, thanks to advertising products, we can at a low cost we can give someone a gift and a great advertisement by the way.

The popularity of promotional products.

Due to the very wide use of promotional products and their increasing popularity, there are more and more methods of marking advertising products on the market, so that our logo on the product is of the best quality and is as durable as possible, and advertising gadgets look their best.


Quality .

No matter if the advertising gadget will serve as a gift for our employees for the holidays or it will be a thoughtful gadget for our advertising campaign, each product is different and it should be marked with the appropriate method so that its quality is the best.

Trust a professional company.

In order for an advertising gadget with your logo to look its best, it must be marked with an appropriate method and each advertising product requires a different method of marking. You do not need to know it, it is enough that you order a professional company such as Promolion and we will select the appropriate marking method for the product you are looking for.


Method of markings method.

There are several very popular advertising gadgets on the market, such as a pen, mug, notebook or umbrella, and each of these products requires a different method of marking. In order to properly label the mug, we must use a method called SUBLIMATION.

To mark the pens we need to use a different machine and method called CIRCULAR SCREEN PRINTING.

If you want to follow all the marking methods that we use in our company, please click here.

Marking of clothes.

Our company Promolion also deals with professional marking of advertising clothes, we invite you to familiarize yourself with a very wide selection of advertising clothes for each industry.

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