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Mugs with logos for the Company

March 17, 2021 0 By Mateusz

Promotional products such as mugs with the company’s logo are one of the cheapest and most frequently chosen forms of advertising.

Advertising Mugs with Print

Printed advertising mugs are very popular and can be found in every company on every desk. Today, probably everyone starts their day with delicious coffee or tie, so a mug with the company logo will always be a very good idea for a low-budget gift for a client or employee.

Product description

Ceramic mug of 300 ml capacity with special coating for sublimation. Mug changes colour to your personalized printing when pouring (at least) 50°C liquid into the mug.

Personalised Mugs

Advertising mugs have many advantages, one of them is the amount of space and the ease of putting a logo on them and other important information about our company. We encourage you to use advertising mugs as a gift and advertising medium. On one side of the mug we suggest putting on the company logo, which we will put on for you in the right size, and the other side of the mug can be used for the company’s advertising slogan or the most important information that we want to convey.

A very large selection of plastic and porcelain mugs can be found on our website