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Power bank with company Logo

April 18, 2021 Off By Mateusz

If you are looking for a gift for an employee for Christmas or a gift for your clients or contractors, a powerbank is a very good solution.

Nowadays, promotional products play a very important role due to their wide application. Advertising products are great as a gift for employees, powerbanks that we offer on our website are adapted to apply a logo or any other text. Advertising products are becoming more and more popular and today we can meet them everywhere. No wonder, today most companies are aware of the great role they play in our world and have become one of the most popular forms of advertising

promotional products

Product Description

Small pocket power bank 5000 mAh in ABS with suction cups for easy use whilst travelling. Due to its small size you can charge your mobile and take pictures at the same time. Includes wireless output 1A, wired output 2A. Includes Type C connector.


Advertising gadgets are an inseparable element in shaping the company’s image and building relationships with contractors.

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