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Printing techniques on clothes.

July 3, 2021 0 By Mateusz

We distinguish several methods of printing techniques on clothes, the two most popular and most frequently used are screen printing and transfer print.
When, why, and what advantages and disadvantages each of these techniques have will be described in this article.

Screen Print-what is this

Screen printing is one of the most popular methods of printing logos on clothes due to its high durability and resistance to damage. This method is used especially for making billboards that are exposed to difficult weather conditions. Clothes printed this method is a very good investment because the logo will not wash out too quickly and will serve us for a long time, which will allow us to save money. We use these methods when the print that the customer wants to put on clothes does not have more than 9 colors and the order is more than 30 pieces to make the use of this method profitable. If we want to print a logo that has more than 9 colors or it is a photo and our order is only a few pieces, then the method called transfer print comes to our aid.

Transfer Print

We use this method especially when we want to obtain a perfect transition of tonal colors or just a photo in small amounts due to a very time-consuming process.The quality that we get with this method is photographic quality with a lot of details.It is the second most popular and most frequently used method of marking clothes. If you are looking for a professional company that will provide you with high-quality advertising clothes with a well-printed logo, the PromoLion company is for you.

We have a very wide selection of advertising clothing for each industry from the world’s best producers. We also mark advertising clothes with the company’s logo, not only with the transfer print method, but also with embroidery. Nowadays, advertising clothes are the best and cheapest form of advertising used by all marketers in their marketing strategies. You can read about the advantages of using advertising clothes in your company here.