Wine set in wooden gift box, TARDOR.


Wine set in bamboo box


Wine set in wooden gift box, TARDOR.


Wine set in bamboo gift box with space for one wine bottle. Includes bottle collar, pourer, stopper, and corkscrew. Wine bottle not included. As bamboo is a natural material, the colour per item can vary.

Item with multi-materials.


If you are looking for Promotional Products for yourself or your employees, you’ve come to the right place. We have a large selection of high quality Promotional Items that we mark with your company logo or slogan using appropriate methods.


Promote your Brand with our Products and your Company Logo.


Wine set presented in a gift box is very popular and one of the most frequently purchased advertising product in Ireland.


Our offer includes selection of wine accessories.

Wine set presented in a gift box  is very useful and popular, it will perfectly display your logo or slogan and will help in promoting your company.


Wine set presented in a gift box is the perfect promotional product to display your company logo.

Made of good quality  material, it will be perfect for everyone in Ireland. 

Universal and practical.

Wine set presented in a gift box is the perfect corporate item to display company logo.

The main advantages of our wine set:

  • The products is pleasant to the touch and comfortable to use,
  • Universal and practical,
  • Adapted to the printing of your logo,
  • A very popular advertising gadget,
  • It is perfect as a gift for your employees or contractors.

This Product can be branded with Your company logo :


This Products is a great for industries as:

Tourism industry,

Large and small corporations,


Restaurants and pubs,



Promotional Products and Branded Merchandise.

Personalised corporate items with your logo, custom products for your employees in company colors are in nowadays a must-have item and the basis for creating and building a positive image of your brand. They will help you stand out from the competition and increase the recognition and visibility of your company on the local market.

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Additional information

Weight 0961 kg
Dimensions 361111 × 1269 cm



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