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Umbrella with a print or logo company

May 1, 2021 0 By Mateusz

Corporate umbrellas with the company’s logo are one of the most popular advertising gadgets on the market. Our website has a very wide selection of very high quality umbrellas in many colors.

Advertising umbrellas are very popular because everyone needs to have one for themselves, so they certainly fulfill their role very well as a gift. Customers also very often choose advertising umbrellas for their company as an advertising medium.

For example, it is good when a shop, restaurant, hotel and every other company has an advertising umbrella in its assortment in case of rain, then we rush to our customers’ rescue by giving them a gift in the form of advertising umbrellas with our logo, the customer is very pleased with this form of assistance, and we build a great advertisement for our company while helping others.

When choosing advertising umbrellas for our company as promotional products, we will certainly be wise and will be satisfied with this form of advertising because it is one of the most effective and cheapest forms of advertising in the world today.

promotional products


23 inch manual open umbrella in 190T pongee with aluminium shaft and fibre glass ribs with black tips. Manual closure. With an LED light on the top ( 2 modes) with a torch in the bottom of the handle. 3 AAA batteries not included.

Item with multi-materials.