Work Clothing with print or embroidery.

August 15, 2021 0 By Mateusz
Advertising clothes are very popular on the market today and can be seen in almost every company due to a number of important benefits.

Safety First

Investing in advertising clothes is very popular today and every marketer takes it into account in his marketing strategies due to the many benefits that come with it, and you can mention here such as:
 great advertising for your company, recognition of your brand, but the most important for us and in the first place the safety of our employees should always be a place.

1.3-in-1 bomber jacket


The Bizweld Iona Coverall offers visible protection to the wearer. Clever design features include flame resistant reflective tape on the shoulders sleeves and legs the option to insert knee pads when needed ample storage space and a rule pocket. A very popular style.

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A light and simple but highly effective certified safety over vest providing you with all the visible protection you need.